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April 28

Q93-FM is now broadcasting on an intermittent basis. Continuous broadcasting stopped on April 28, 1997.

Q93-FM Concludes Final Broadcast Day
In a rather unexpected unanimous decision, the station's management and staff have voted to close the The Anime Music Network. It was a painful decision for us. And when we made the announcement at 5:00 o'clock PM on Sunday, April 27th, listeners immediately started contacting the station, asking to know why, and expressing their deep appreciation for what this station's unique programming brought to the airwaves of Western Connecticut. We had no idea just how intensely-liked this station was until this last day.

The final hours were tense, filled with an air of finality. A few of our listeners likened our final day on the air to spending the final hours with a dying loved one. It was a tearful event for us and our devoted listeners, many of whom listened only to Q93-FM and no other station. We were overwhelmed with emotion all the more, because you, our listeners, were so kind in your expression of love for this station.

Why did we decide to close the station? The reasons are complex. But for the most part, it was a case of many opportunities for lifetime dreams to come true that meant going our separate ways. From leaving to go live in Japan, to finding a dream career in a segment of the commercial broadcast industry, to starting a company -- these were some of the choices that won out over staying in Connectituct and maintaining a non-profit radio station that catered to the music of Japan. Please don't feel sad for us. Though it hurt to make this decision, it is for the best, and admittedly, somewhat selfishly-motivated.

We firmly believe that anime music will not die with the final day of Q93-FM. It is growing in popularity, and in addition, we are going to try to make arrangements with one or more stations in Connecticut to carry a 2-hour anime music program. In this way, some remnant of the music will still be heard, without the overhead of running an entire radio station. If this arrangement comes to fruition, information will be posted here, regarding what station and what time and day the program will air. Who knows what the future holds? The library of music will be maintained in the personal archives of the General Manager, and if, at any time in the future, backers and support to open a radio station somewhere, sometime in the future, then we will be able to put everything back together again. Who knows? It's in our hearts forever.

In closing, we wish to thank all of you for your devotion to our special station. Knowing just how much you cared, makes us feel good about what we accomplished. We've left behind us, a legacy of music that has touched the hearts of many. Don't despair. Something this good has, by nature, a good chance to resurface again some day. We thank you for your support and kind comments. It has been a deeply-satisfying experience to provide these programs to Western Connecticut.


from all of us at Q93-FM

Anna, Mark, Amber, Lolo & Alan